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AV Solutions

Productivity Solutions

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Conference Room Systems

AV brings meetings to life – quite literally. From single meeting rooms to multiple offices, these are the spaces where integrated audio visual technologies enable organisations to unite and collaborate with colleagues and partners based on site or on the other side of the world. Discreet, stylish, intelligent and with every component harmonised and integrated to automate and control everything from sound, vision and environmental settings, your meeting room AV is one of the most rewarding investments your business will ever make.


Interactive Whiteboards

Wouldn't it be nice to interact with any content with a finger or pen from anywhere?
You can with SMART Board solutions and not only deliver an unparalleled presentation but interact anytime from anywhere.
Engage your participants whether in the same room, at home or on the move and save time and money on delayed decisions and expensive travel.
The technology is available now so start saving today.


Clickshare Wireless Presentation Systems

Intuitive meeting collaboration from huddle to boardroom

  • Hassle-free content sharing

  • Share via the ClickShare USB Button or Desktop App

  • Easy integration into the company network

  • Collaborate using annotation, blackboarding and touch back features

  • Secure and certified


Digital Signage

ONELAN digital signage can accomplish in a fraction of a second something that traditional signage sometimes fails to deliver: catch the attention of busy employees passing the sign and communicate business critical messaging. Increasingly, companies are also introducing corporate digital signage to influence staff behaviour, inform both staff and visitors as well as establish a strong corporate culture and brand identity.

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